Imposter syndrome hits hard and a part of you feels weird about taking money & getting paid for your work.

You've tried all the strategies (and I mean all of them) but still feel stuck and can't seem to create the financial results you crave to see in your business.

You know you have a powerful message to share but your content feels stale & isn't bringing you the most aligned customers.

You're overwhelmed in your business and feel like you're doing #allthethings but you don't know if any of it is actually working.





Being around likeminded people will change your self-concept. 

It's one of the fastest ways to up level. 

If you're feeling stuck in your business you want to be here. 

The truth is we're never taught how our brains work and that means when we go to do something challenging like entrepreneurship our minds run wild.

If you're tired of being on an emotional roller coaster and ready to create a different experience for yourself this is for you.

If you've done some mindset work but you're ready to get freaking serious about it you're in the right place

This is an exclusive group of women who are committed to thinking at a higher level and creating big results intentionally without hustle. 

Being around the will change your entire experience of entrepreneurship 

You don't have to do this alone. 

It doesn't have to be so hard all the time. 

All of the support you need is available here. 

We're saying goodbye to...

  • Being stuck
  • Engaging in drama
  • Thinking unhelpful thoughts
  • Indulging in confusion

The Inner Circle will help you create more results in less time.

 starting July 1st





Need more accountability and someone to push you? We will have two no-BS coaching calls per month. On these calls, we push ourselves to ask high-quality questions to make the best use of our time. If you want to be in a highly intentional group this is the place for you.

I will check in with you on every Zoom call. Before the call, you'll reflect and prepare.

This is a space for people who are ready to go deep and take themselves and their work seriously. 


 On the weeks when we don't have Zoom calls you won't be on your own.

We will have a group voxer chat where you can get answers to anything that's keeping you stuck.

Think of this as rapid-fire coaching. 

Short concise questions and powerful answers. 

More results in less time.



This is going to be where we hangout in between calls. It's an exclusive space only available to those in the Inner Circle.

Vent, connect, collaborate and celebrate. 

It's all going down inside the Facebook group.


One Content Review Per Month

 Each month you will have a chance to submit something you want reviewed. 

Email copy, sales pages, launch plans, whatever you need. 

This is your chance to get my eyes on your business and up level your content. 





You go further faster with the right people around you. In this small group program you will be supported and challenged in all the best ways. You will have an entire community of people committed to creating big changs and doing amazing work.


Once a month you will have a chance to get a hot seat and be coached. In this container, we're committed to asking high-quality questions so each and every hot-seat is powerful for ever single person on the call. 


Get the attention & support that your business deserves. We'll be accepting a max of 12 women for this coaching program.
This is the only way to get coaching from Faith in a small group at this time.



What Faiths Small Group Coaching Students Are Saying....

 "The Mastermind is fabulous and I'm happy to be a member, but Empire is next-level! Having the opportunity to talk to you every day and get coached every week helped me in ways I didn't anticipate. It has helped me to focus more on working on my shadow that is still holding me back and you have given me great ideas for how to get unstuck in other business areas.

There is so much great content delivered in different ways. Very well thought out and intentional.

If you do the work, there is no way you won't uplevel.

It is the best investment I've made for my business. "

- Kassandra,

"EMPIRE has been the most impactful and transformative thing I've done for my business. The weekly coaching calls have been incredible to get both personalized feedback on my business and support with managing my mind around the stress of being an entrepreneur. The content in the modules and podcasts is always so spot on for what I need in my business. Working with Faith has been amazing. She's such a supportive leader and I'm so grateful to be in her world!

Through EMPIRE I have made massive uplevels in my mindset, which has allowed me to take massive action in my business - and feel good about it! My results have gone so far beyond just positively impacting my business. With Faith's coaching and support I've become more confident, more of a leader and more in tune with who I'm working to become as both a business owner and a person.

If you're ready to uplevel your business (and life) quickly - this is the program to make that happen!! What you learn inside EMPIRE goes so far beyond the 90 days of the program. I'm going to be using these strategies for life."

- Emily,

"It's been so awesome to have so much access to Faith, getting mindset work to quickly uplevel my thoughts and actions. The modules and podcasts are fire- I listen to them on repeat.

I've cleared up so many mental blocks. I've had a lot of clarity in my mindset and the next actions to take in my business. My business feels fun and easy- and I'm making money!

Get ready for epic shifts! Faith helps you dig deep, cut through your crap, and get to the heart of what's holding you back. Then she shows you how to quickly move through it and keep going.

You'll be a different person at the end."

- Joanna,

"When I signed up for Empire, I wasn't sure if it was the right choice for me, since I've been running a successful business for a few years.

BUT I was sick of feeling anxious and frenzied, never sure what step was best next.

I'm so glad I jumped in because the mindset shifts Faith has provided in the program have given me BIG clarity and momentum.

If you're on the fence because you're not a blogger or not at the beginning of your journey, know this program is absolutely for you if you want to step into confidence and get moving in your biz!"

- Cait,





To be in this community you must commit to bringing your highest level of thinking. 

We work on asking better questions and getting better results.



This work is not easy and the entrepreneurship journey isn't always fun. In this program you get community and coaching so you're never on your own.




Inner Circle members will get the replays from the coaching calls uploaded right onto a podcast feed for on the go listening



Faith Mariah is the CEO and founder of multiple successful businesses, including the mental blog, Radical Transformation Project, and Blogging Breakthroughs with Faith Mariah, a company dedicated to helping women build highly profitable and wildly successful online businesses.

Faith built a profitable blog with zero experience and quit her 9-5 to become a full-time online business owner within 10 months. NBD.

Becoming an entrepreneur changed everything for Faith and now she's on a fierce mission to show other women how to create the business and life of their wildest dreams.

If you're looking for a tough-love business coach who's going to tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear, Faith is the coach for you.

Faith has one mission: to help you get richer, be happier, and feel hotter. ⚑️

What Faith's Small Group Coaching

Students Are Saying...

 "The weekly podcast, module, and Zoom call with Faith have been so transformational! I love being accountable to the group, but it's mostly to myself. I want to make the changes, do the hard work that growing requires. I love the check-ins that allow me to tweak on the spot, having so much access to Faith allows me to have her check over any emails, sales pages or launches I'm working on.

My messaging has gotten more solid, I have a very clear vision for where I want my business to go and this course has allowed me to get my mindset caught up to my vision. I have a new toolbox now of what to do if I run into mindset issues or if I feel stuck or uninspired, I know what to do now to move through whatever comes up.

The biggest results for me have been the mindset changes. While yes, I have made my money back from the course while I've been in it, this course has gotten me to a place where I am ready to handle the bigger moves that are coming. I have gotten a lot of foundational things in place over the past couple of months and am geared up for success!"

- Becki,

 "Joining EMPIRE has had a huge impact on my business and my growth as an entrepreneur!

When I was ready to grow my business and take it to the next level, I knew that Faith's coaching in EMPIRE was exactly what I needed. Being around like-minded female entrepreneurs has been so inspiring and motivating!

Plus, Faith's coaching has pushed me to reach the next level so that I could focus on how to grow my client base and start making more income in my business.

I definitely recommend the EMPIRE program to any business owner that is ready to learn, grow, and step outside of their comfort zone to uplevel their business!" 

- Rebekah,

We've got A's for your Q's

I've already bought sooooo many courses. How is this any different?

This is not a course. It's an intimate small group coaching program designed to give you individual feedback on your work and access to a coach to help you blast through the blocks that are holding you back. When was the last time someone who sold you a course read all your emails, gave you feedback, helped you manage your doubts and fears that came up, answered all of your questions, and got on Zoom calls with you?

Don't get me wrong, courses are great. But the results you get in a small coaching container like this can be life changing.


Am I ready for this? I'm still pretty new.

This program is designed for entrepreneurs who have their niche nailed down and are regularly making sales. If that's not you, we suggest you head over to the Becoming Boss Mastermind, put your head down, and get to work.

However, this is a community of rule breakers so if you feel certain you're meant to be in this container be sure to apply and tell us why.


I want a step by step plan and someone to hold my hand. Is this for me?


To be direct with you, I think people selling you step-by-step programs are selling you short. There are many ways to run your business and I want to help you create a plan that is going to work for you. My goal is to teach you my mindset and goal setting tools so you can make confidently decisions on your own.

No coaches or programs required.


What time are the Zoom calls?

Members of the Inner Circle get two Zoom calls per month. Six members will be coached on each call which means you will get a hot seat every month. 

Calls will be at 5pm-7pm EST on Wednesdays. Plan on attending the calls, having your camera on and be in a quite spot where you can get coaching and pay attention.


How do the voxer days work? 

Voxer is an app that lets you send voice memos to a group. In between Zoom calls you will have two group voxer days per month to ask any questions you have and get any coaching you need. You will also be able to listen to everyone else's questions and answers so you can learn from the other people in the container. 

This means you can get your questions answered without having to sit on an entire call. You can get what you need and get right back to implementing. 


What Faith's Students Are Saying...

"I leapt at the opportunity to work with Faith in the Empire program!

I was in a place where my business was doing just fine, but I wanted more!

I want it to be exceptional and I felt like Empire would be exactly what I needed to help guide me in that direction!

I wanted to spend my time with like-minded people and Faith's message has been an inspiration to me since the very first time I heard it. I honestly didn't know what to expect, but I knew that I would come out the other side in a better place than when I started; after participating in Empire I feel like a different person!

Faith leads with her heart, but coaches with a solid, straightforward no-nonsense approach. I needed to hear her message and I am so glad I chose to really listen!

Empire has been an incredible asset to my business, to my mindset and to me as a person.

I whole-heartedly recommend Empire to anyone looking to up their game, learn and grow. Thank you, Faith for investing so much into this program and into us! I will always be grateful to you!"

- AnnMarie,

"My mindset radically shifted as a direct result of this program. I have spent a large portion of my life being told that I would never be able to be successful because of my disabilities, and I was able to shift this belief around with the help of Faith and her EMPIRE program.

Working with Faith in EMPIRE was an amazing experience! I knew right away that it would be a good fit. She took the time to get to know my business and me as a person, and really went above and beyond with the level of support she offered to us. The small group allowed for great networking opportunities and building genuine relationships.

If you are considering signing up for EMPIRE, you should absolutely go for it! It is an amazing program that is worth every penny I paid for it.

This program will transform both your life and your business."

- Danna,



"With Faith you have somebody on your side who wants to see you suceed! She is not afraid to tell you the truth and also has your back, when nobody else does! Love how honest, supportive and caring she is!"

- Fran, lebennachdemmiß


"You are such an amazing mentor. I can't thank you enough! I'm so grateful and blessed to be a part of your community. You have changed my life! You have connected me to the most amazing people! It's so wonderful to not have to do this alone! I'm so excited for Q2 because I know it's going to be even more amazing and I will do great things."

- Tina,


"Faith is the coach I had been searching for for years. I need the no-nonsense coaching mixed with her realness and her genuinely grateful heart. Her heart for this is felt across everything she does. As I said above, it has changed everything for me and my business."

- Kelly,


"She has given me so much clarity and motivation that I couldn't find anywhere else! Her business insight is invaluable to me at this stage of my business."

- Melissa,


So, Let's Recap!

 When you join the Inner Circle, you get access to:

  • Two zoom calls per month with Faith
  • A chance to be in the hot seat every month
  • Two voxer days per month to ask any questions and get any coaching you need
  • Membership in our exclusive Facebook group to connect with other members
  • A chance to submit one piece of content every month for Faith to review and give you feedback
  • Subscription to the Inner Circle Podcast to listen to replays of the Zoom calls

If you want to be in a small group container with Faith this is your chance to do that.

We only take 6 people per group. 

The connections you make, support and accountability will accelerate your results and keep you focused.

I've helped hundreds of online coaches, bloggers, podcasters, and course creators stop the drama and start running their businesses like real bosses, and now it's your turn!


Okay, let's be HONEST here...

πŸ’² The truth is that most business coaching is very, VERY EXPENSIVE. 🀭

πŸ’² You can expect to pay thousands of dollars PER MONTH for 1:1 business coaching.

πŸ’²Is it worth it? 100 percent! Business coaching changed my LIFE, changed my BUSINESS, and helped me FINALLY start making 6-figures online. πŸ™Œ

πŸ’²  I created the Inner Circle for people who wanted more support WITHOUT paying thousands of dollars. 

πŸ’² My 1:1 coaching starts at $5000 and this is your chance to get coached by me AND get connected with an amazing community for a fraction of the price. 

If you're serious about turning your side hustle into PROFITBLE BUSINESS, get in the Inner Circle and COMMIT to your business.

This is the perfect time to put some skin in the game and create big results. All of the support and community in this offer will help you do it bigger in less time.

So tell me... are you in? ⚑️





  • Billed $500 Monthly
  • 3 Month minimum commitment
  • When your 3 months are up stay in as long as you want just give us 30 days' notice when you decide to leave
  • Two zoom calls per month
  • Two group Voxer days per month 
  • Exclusive pop-up Facebook group
  • One content review per month
  • Subscription to the Inner Circle podcast



*Includes a bonus 20 minute 1:1 call with Faith

  • Billed $1500 quarterly
  • Minimum one quarter commitment
  • This is a reoccuring payment plan. If you want to leave let us know 30 days before your next billing date
  • Two zoom calls per month
  • Two group voxer days per month 
  • Exclusive pop-up Facebook group
  • One content review per month
  • One 20 minute 1:1 call when you join
  • Subscription to the Inner Circle podcast